The Service

What we do and how it works in a nutshell
The diagram below gives a quick overview of how clients work with St Matthew eAccounting. If you are interested in a more detailed process description please check the “How it works” page.

Step 1 Send us your paperwork by email, file upload, fax or mail.
Step 2 All incoming documents are automatically converted to PDF.
Step 3 Our accountants post your documents to the ledger.
Step 4 View your accounts online on your accounts website.

Overview of St Matthew’s Services

Online Accounting
Forget your traditional accountant’s style of paper, paper, paper; with St Matthew eAccounting you have all your accounts online. All you have to do is send through the paperwork by email, fax or post and we do the rest. It couldn’t be simpler, it saves you time and means you can see all your accounts online at any time.
Online Payroll Most companies will have some form of payroll in their company no matter how small their operations. St Matthew eAccounting have made it simple, the payroll service is fully integrated with the online accounting service. You have the ability to check all payroll records, print payslips and reports and also refer to the online company accounts at the same time.

Online Company Admin
To put the cream on the cake, St Matthew eAccounting wants to give you the premium service where you have not just your accounts and payroll online but also your company administration details such as the certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles, company registers and so on. This online integrated service is included if you sign up for the company admin services.